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Card Counter Software

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I was selling these via eBay, but have temporarily closed my store. If you need one, please contact me.
If you find it useful, please consider making a donation using the Donate button on the lower right of each page. When I was selling these, I was charging $1.99 for the whole set.

If you by chance (doubtful at this late date) that you own or use a Samsung Instinct, Instinct S30, or Instinct HD cell phone, I also have a J2ME version that works on that phone (possibly others, but have not ever had a chance to test on other JAVA based phones). You can find that app here.

If you own an Android phone or Tablet, it's available on the android market.

All of these programs work pretty much the same. They provide a simple "stay on top" window that allows you to mark cards that are played.

There is nothing automatic here and we can't read what cards have been played from your internet connection - you have to mark the cards to track them.

This is simply an electronic version of something we have all done with pencil & paper while playing online.

As you track cards, you single click on a cell to "mark" the card which highlights that cell to indicate it has been played.  If you clicked the wrong card, click it again to "un-mark" it.  A "Reset" button is provided to un-mark the deck as well as a "Last Clicked" indicator for each suit.

I wrote MCC for a friend to use in Spades, but it could easily be used in any card game where tracking cards is beneficial, although your opponents may call it cheating  ;-)  

If you any have questions or problems, please contact me.

Single Deck Card Counter for Spades, Hearts, Stud Poker, etc (or any 52 card game)

My Card Counter (MCC) displays a column for each of the four (4) suits in a standard 52 card deck, and each column displays 2..10, J, Q, K, A.  Screen Shot

Double Deck Card Counter for Canasta or any 2 deck game

Mikro's Double Deck Card Counter displays two (2) columns - one for each of 2 decks - for each of the four (4) suits in a standard 52 card deck, and each column displays 2..10, J, Q, K, A.   Screen Shot

Card Counters for Pinochle

I have modified the MCC software to work for Pinochle - both Single and Double Deck. My thanks to Jim Quinby (screen name DOGGGONE) of Phenix City, AL for asking about a pinochle counter and Hot Seat Tracker and for his help in the design and testing of these new programs.

- There are 2 versions for Pinochle -

Hot Seat Tracker

If your playing cards at some of the online sites, you may notice that each table has a "hot seat" - a chair that seems to get better cards more often than not.  If that's something you want to track, check out our Hot Seat Tracker Software written just for that purpose.   Screen Shot