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Cell Phone Software

I've taken to writing software for cell phones. I started with the Samsung Instinct and am now working on Android based devices.

Card Counters

Back about 9 years ago, I wrote a little program to emulate what I used to do while playing Spades on-line - that being to track the cards already played with a pencil and paper. But I got tired of having all those scraps of paper lying around - tired of finding a piece of paper big enough to write on - and tired of finding my pencil - so I wrote my first card counter program MCC (Mikro's Card Counter).

One day I got an e-mail from a guy asking if I had a Pinochle counter. I had heard of Pinochle, but had never attempted to play it, but with a little help from him to figure out what cards are used in Pinochle, then add in the differences of Single Deck and Double Deck Pinochle - and now we have two more counter programs available.

Recently, another contact asked for a double deck counter for use with Canasta, so I modified the program to handle that as well. You can read more about my card counters, see some screen shots, and find out how to buy them on my Card Counters page.